Please help me celebrate….

PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide

Good day everyone. I am about to celebrate 🎉 a biggish birthday although my dear mother-on-law reminds me often that l’m not as old as she is, which is true!! To mark this occasion I have started a #fundraiser on my Facebook page. It is with #PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide. I have set a very modest target 🎯 of £150 which I hope will be smashed through with your generosity and that of my Facebook friends. As I’m sure you know that Mental Health amongst young people is a huge problem. It is as dangerous as any life-threatening illness. #PAPYRUS offer a help line for young people to call so their lives can be saved. Also #PAPYRUS can help those who are worried about someone they know who may be suffering (

Please visit my Facebook page and be as generous as you can for a very worthy and important cause. Thank you so much 😊

Limiting Beliefs

Today I went to School of Rock at the Dame Gillian Lynne Theatre in the West End. It was fantastic. Right from the start it was clear to see that the main character, Dewey Finn, was a dreamer. He dreamt of being a Rock Star. Trouble was no one believed him. Only himself. His energy was absolutely amazing as he followed his dream and made it in the end. Those of you who know the story will remember that he takes a whole class of posh kids with him. Kids whose lives were limited by the expectations put on them by their parents and school. But the cellist became a rock bass guitarist. The pianist went on keyboards and the show began. Numbers like “You’re in the Band” and “Stick it to the man” brought the house down. The message was about not being limited by stuff. Be free and follow your dreams. With a bit of hard work, energy and enthusiasm they will probably be realised. BTW it’s a great show to read an in-depth review visit Thanks for reading. TheRosieWord

Legal Marriage in the UK

We are often asked if an Independent Celebrant can register a legal marriage in the UK. The short answer is no. However, that is not the end of the story so please do read on for more information.

For full details of how to get legally married in the UK please follow the following link Marriage in the UK. To become legally married in the UK a couple must say some prescribed words (about 50 in total) in front of a Registrar with two witnesses who are over the age of 18 years. The rest is up to you….

As Independent Celebrants we love to celebrate 🎉, it’s in the blood! We want to help you celebrate your commitment. Although the “legal bit” must be done by a Registrar, we can include the exchange of vows, exchange of rings and any other content you, as a couple, would like. Remember we design bespoke ceremonies of celebration with you, for you. The celebration can take on whatever theme you like and will be as unique as your relationship is. Remember, this is all about you as a couple who are taking the courageous step in announcing your commitment to each other to the world.

Change: part 1

Change is a huge thing but here’s a thing, it’s been happening for ever and will continue to happen whatever we feel about it. Please don’t stop reading now on account of a guy stating the blooming obvious. Despite the fact that it’s been around a long time and it’s something we have to get used to in order to survive, change is something that we are fearful of.

There are two types of change that we need to face up to. Change that we choose ourselves and change that is thrust upon us by others or by circumstances. Easy to recognise; a decision to move house; to begin a relationship; to get married; to leave a job (which category?); cope with a life threatening or life changing accident or illness.

Now, this BLOG is not an academic study on change nor is it an attempt to iron out all the issues that come with change. What I hope will come across is some stories of change that have happened to an ordinary bloke who simply wants to help people cope with the things that happen in their lives. Therefore the writing style may not be the best, grammar may be lacking (if that’s a thing) and there may be the odd occasion when I put an apostrophe in the wrong place’s (apologies in advance to grammar and spelling snobs).

Why have I put this on LinkedIn? Well, because these stories will be common to all. Whether you are a CEO, MD, ST ( Sole Trader not saint, although saints are also subject to change!!), employee or trainee. Stories of Joys, Achievement, Struggles and perceived failures ( I say ‘perceived’ because I don’t like the word failure, I prefer Changed Opportunity).

Now, just to let y’all know that my situation is subject to loads of change at the moment. Having been an employee for nearly 45 years, (yes I started early!) I am launching out on my own as an Independent Celebrant and Life Coach. August will be taken up with Training and developing the business with September being the launch month. I tell you this for your information and supportive comments. Also so that you can forgive me if there is a BLOG delay. I hope to publish stories on a weekly basis but, as I hope you will appreciate there may be some hold ups.

Thanks for joining the journey.