Not sure which way to go…?

BlankSignWe know that when you are faced with organising a Life Celebration you face a multitude of choices. Choices that, in everyday life, you will not have to make. At Blue Sky Celebrants we would like to help you make some of those choices a little easier. No, we can’t help with the choice of dress, godparents or which funeral director to use (Although on our ‘useful links’ page there are some suggestions which we cannot endorse but can signpost you to). However, when it comes to deciding what content you would like in the ceremony or celebration we really can help you. We work with you to design bespoke ceremonies to celebrate, well, anything really. Would you like to include a ‘sand ceremony’ in your wedding celebration or to mark the blending of a new family? Would you like to ‘jump the broom’ or light a unity candle. Perhaps you would like a ‘rose ceremony’ to celebrate the passing of a loved one. Maybe put together some vows for a naming ceremony or celebrate an adoption. All of these things are ‘rites of passage’ where we, as humanity, move from one thing to another. These can be super-stressful moments that will have a lasting impact on your life and the lives of those around you. Marking these changes with a ceremony or celebration helps with the changes we face. Gives us a moment in time to look back on. Gives us vows or promises made that can shore up difficult times. Reminds us of the love that surrounds us through our family and friends, our values and our beliefs.

Baby Naming Ceremonies

You will have noticed an addition to the ceremonies offered by Blue Sky Celebrants. This is an addition to the list which is certainly not exhaustive! We can put together a Celebration Ceremony for anything really. All you need to do is ask by visiting our  Contact Page and getting in touch.

Baby naming or Baby Welcoming Ceremonies are not a new thing. Known as Christenings or Baptisms these ceremonies used to take place in church or other religious institution. However, more and more these days people are holding these welcoming ceremonies at home or in a garden, field or hotel space.

As Independent Celebrants we will help you plan and deliver the Ceremony within the celebration or party you have in mind. As always the Ceremony will be created with you and will be unique to you and your family and friends. Please do look at our Baby Naming Page for more information.

You will see mentioned the G-Parents. Traditionally a baby boy will have two Godfathers and a Godmother and a baby girl will have two Godmothers and one Godfather. But it does not have to stop there! You can choose to have as many as you like and you can call them whatever you like. Those who may want a degree of religion or spirituality within the ceremony may stick with the name Godparents but they could be called Guide-parents or Guardian-parents or anything else you choose.

Also these Welcoming Ceremonies could be used to celebrate an Adoption or long term Fostering. The subject of the Ceremony need not be a baby but could be a child, teenager or any addition to the family. These Ceremonies can be used to celebrate the beginning of a modern day “blended family” although a Wedding Celebration may be more appropriate.

We could include in the Ceremony, joyful and interactive symbols such as Unity Candles, Sand Ceremonies or Hand Fasting.

The choice is yours so that the important celebration or thank you for something new and exciting can be celebrated in the best possible way.

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