A Message to Funeral Directors

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If you had the opportunity to read my CV you would see that I have been officiating at funerals for the past 21 years and have great experience of dealing with families and individuals in grief. I have also worked in the funeral industry as a funeral arranger, assistant, driver and bearer. My career in the Police Service gave me experience of dealing with HM Coroner’s Office, sudden and unexpected death, the deaths of children and young people and contact with families in extremely traumatic situations.

I know that, as funeral arrangers you need to have access to celebrants who will be available to take on funerals in a consistent and regular way. I know you would rather speak to a person than a voicemail system! The majority of my years as a funeral celebrant have been as a result of my church roles and connections. Having retired from those roles I would like to offer my services to you as an Independent Celebrant, happy to arrange life celebrations and services from a religious perspective or a non-religious one. I know that many families would like to have a mixture of both in their service. Clearly, I cannot officiate at a church funeral where you will need to contact the minister in charge.

Through my experience of working in busy urban and suburban cities and towns the majority of funerals I’ve been involved with have been at the local Crematorium and occasionally Cemetery burials. I therefore know the importance of designing a service or celebration that will fit into the time allotted without the unnecessary stress on other families and funeral directors caused by going over time.

It is vitally important that the service or celebration reflects the wishes of the family and is of a very high quality. This is important pastorally for the families involved, also for your business as the service you offer to clients will be of an equally high standard. Excellent Customer Service from me is vital for both the family and you as my clients.

I hope you feel that you can use me to support your business in this way. I believe I charge very reasonable fees which I am happy to discuss on an individual basis.

Thank you for taking the time to read this note.


Andy Sewell – Blue Sky Celebrants

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